Kahal Chaverim celebrates the High Holidays, Shabbat, Passover and other special Jewish occasions in ways consistent with our Humanistic philosophy and our Jewish cultural heritage.  We offer creative, meaningful, non-theistic services that are relevant to our contemporary lives and thought.  We find special meaning in the holidays and events and enjoy sharing these important times with family, friends, and other members of the community.

Humanistic Jewish rituals enable us to speak about our beliefs, to connect to our community, to reflect on and respond to the challenges of personal commitment, and to embrace our individual and historic family and cultural traditions.  In our community, rituals mark the life cycle, the turning of the years, and the routines of the week.  Our rituals are conducted in English, the language we all share, and include easy to understand, read, and recite expressions in two of our people’s historical languages – Hebrew and Yiddish.  We include songs that are familiar to many and easy to learn by all. Most of all, our celebrations are participatory.  All are welcome to read in turn, respond in chorus, and sing out!