Sunday School

For 15 years, Kahal Chaverim offered a full Sunday School program from kindergarten through Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Our students were engaged in coursework that provided them with a foundation to understand Jewish history and culture from a Humanistic perspective and set them on a journey toward becoming responsible young adults through ethical decision-making and by giving back to their community.

Through the years, many of our Sunday School children graduated from the program. While we currently do not offer a Sunday School program, as our congregation grows, we hope to offer it to the children of Kahal Chaverim members once again.



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Kahal Chaverim is a growing community that brings together families from all around Morris and neighboring counties to celebrate Jewish culture and values. We are one of 30 congregations affiliated with the Society for Humanistic Judaism, founded in 1963 by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine.