Sunday School

Kahal Chaverim offers a full Sunday School program from kindergarten through Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Unlike in a traditional Hebrew School, our students are engaged in coursework that provides them with a foundation to understand Jewish history and culture from a Humanistic perspective and sets them on a journey toward becoming responsible young adults through ethical decision-making and by giving back to their community.

Our students are divided into four age-appropriate classes that are taught by well-qualified teachers with a multi-year rotating curriculum.  Our K-2 class, which is taught by the owner of a pre-school who is a member of our congregation, has fun learning about Jewish culture, Humanistic customs and holiday celebrations.

Students in our 3rd – 4th grade class begins to learn to distinguish between Jewish history and mythical history.  The coursework in our 5th – 6th grade class includes Jews in America, Oppression and Resistance, and the History of Humanistic Judaism.  At both of these levels, ethics is another important part of the curriculum.

Our pre-Mitzvah class, which is led by our ceremonial leader, prepares our students for their B’Nai Mitzvah after they have demonstrated that they have achieved certain competencies consistent with our Humanistic Jewish values and that reflect the high standards we use to define “responsible young adult” in our community.



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Kahal Chaverim is a growing community that brings together families from all around Morris and neighboring counties to celebrate Jewish culture and values. We are one of 30 congregations affiliated with the Society for Humanistic Judaism, founded in 1963 by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine.