Adult Ed

Our excellent Adult Ed program presents a variety of topics of interest to Jews and Humanists. Recent subjects have included the Jews of Sicily and Italy, Jewish Genealogy and Histories of Surnames, Jewish perspectives on Jesus, the Monuments Men, Jews in Rock and Roll, the Bintel Briefs, and Holocaust Kindertransport Survivors’ Stories.

Adult Ed programs take place on selected Sundays from 9:30 to 11:30 am in Randolph, NJ. They are presented concurrently with Sunday School so that parents can easily attend while children are in class. They begin with half an hour of socializing over fresh coffee and bagels followed by a presentation, often by an expert guest speaker. Prospective members are welcome to attend. A complete listing of our upcoming Adult Ed programs is listed in the Calendar.

October 27 – Bennett Muraskin presents “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” about legends and myths in the Bible.

December 8 – Marty Alboum presents “The Philosophy and Religion of Thomas Jefferson.” Marty is a noted researcher and lecturer on a number of historical subjects.

January 26 – Rob Agree presents “A Bintel Brief”, letters to the editor of the Jewish Forward from early to mid 20th Century.

February 23 – Bennett Muraskin returns to present “Jewish Folk Tales”

March 29 – Rick Pascal presents the inspirational film, “Dancing in Jaffa” about the coming together of Israeli and Palestinian children (ages 10-12) learning about each other through dancing together.


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