Dear Kahal Chaverim Community,

Mona and Lynn received the following email from Gottesman Academy regarding the current COVID 19 outbreak. The short version is that Gottesman is suspending outside rental usage of its space for the next six weeks. The longer message is posted in blue:

“This is a message from our Head of School and our Board:

Like many other organizations, we [Gottesman Academy] are having to deal with many unknowns regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation. As a school, our first priority has to be the health, safety, and education of our students. We have made the difficult decision to close our building to outside events and rentals for the next 6 weeks. We realize this is a great inconvenience to you and we assure you we did not make this decision lightly. You will not be charged for missed sessions. We hope that the situation will settle down and we will be able to resume normal operations soon.”

Frankly, Gottesman’s email and their decision to suspend rentals is not really a surprise. Recently, the CDC announced a shift in its recommendations in response to the rapidly evolving status of the COVID-19. The CDC  is now recommending people over the age of 60 and those with severe chronic medical conditions stay at home as much as possible. Coupled with both public and private schools potentially closing their doors and teaching many of their classes online, Gottesman is actually following the procedures of many other educational organizations.

For these reasons, Kahal Chaverim will obviously not be at Gottesman Academy for at least the next six weeks. Mona and Lynn are working with our teachers on alternative options for Sunday School. 

Further, Gottesman’s decision will also affect the Adult Education Program. I will be speaking with Rick and Jerry on next steps.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. Stay tuned for updates!

Be safe, be smart, be healthy.