Grades 3 – 4

Our 3rd and 4thGrade class draws its content from a variety of sources over the year. They include:

  1. Hebrew.  We will learn the sounds the letters and vowels make, how to write them, with the final goal of combining letters and vowels and ultimately reading words.
  2. History. We will be learning Jewish history from Abraham to Babylonia.
  3. Shabbat and Havdalah. We will become familiar with the weekly celebrations, the origins, traditions and symbols associated with them.
  4. Bible stories. From a secular perspective, we will discuss the people of the Bible, with an emphasis on showing that they have strengths and weaknesses just like us.
  5. Holidays. We will learn about the holidays from a humanistic perspective, including the observances, origins, and symbols. We can reinforce our knowledge of the holiday by making a craft.
  6. Literature. Through plays, we will hear stories that embody a secular and humanistic point of view.
  7. Values and ethics. Through role play and other forums, we will talk about values and ethics and their effect on our self esteem and dignity and those around us.