Kahal Chaverim - NJ Congregation for Humanistic Judaism

CHJMC High Holidays, celebrating Yom KippurRecently celebrating our 15th anniversary, we are a vibrant community that celebrates secular humanistic Jewish culture and values in Northern New Jersey. Humanistic Judaism focuses on non-theistic aspects of Jewish culture and is based on the belief that it is the responsibility of each of us to be ethical, kind, and compassionate and to use reason and rational thought to solve problems. It is the actions of people that have influenced the course of human history, and we concentrate on what we can do in the “here and now” to relieve suffering and make the world a better place for all people. Kahal Chaverim is a growing community that brings together families from all around Morris and neighboring counties to celebrate Jewish culture and values. We are one of 30 congregations affiliated with the Society for Humanistic Judaism, founded in 1963 by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine.